Porsche drivers most likely to cause fatal vehicle accidents, ValuePenguin says

ValuePenguin gathered and evaluated data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which showed that drivers of Porsches, Oldsmobiles and Mercury cars were as much as 12% more likely than the national average to contribute to a fatal traffic accident.

Drivers of Porsche are the most likely to contribute to fatal accidents wherein their driving is a contributing factor in 72% of accidents involving these vehicles.

The study also recorded that Volvo drivers are the least likely to be engaged in a fatal accident based on their evaluated driver behavior as a contributing factor in less than half of these accidents. Coming in second to be least likely to be involved in such accidents are Kia drivers.

Additionally, the assessment revealed that speeding is the most common driver behavior contributing to these accidents followed by alcohol involvement. The research also noted that Volvo drivers had a low rate of fatal accidents with alcohol involvement.