Cincinnati's Beechmont Ford offers customers a blast from the past with retro package

Courtesy Ford Motor Co

Time travel is impossible, but Beechmont Ford in Cincinnati is offering F-150 owners a way to give their pickups a “blast from the past” feel.

The dealership unveiled its exclusive retro package last May, which celebrates a dealer-designed trend that was popular almost 40 years ago, and is happily immersed in its success.

“The concept behind the story is that we’re trying to appeal to people that were kind of in their heyday in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s,” Charlie Watson, the dealership’s marketing director, told Mega Dealer News. “A lot of cues are going to go back to that era … most of your builds that we do modern-wise are going to be a big wheel, black wheel with a small sidewall tire. We kind of reversed that and went old school with a 17-inch polished Mickey Thompson, with a bigger sidewall tire just to give it that retro look.”

Watson added that the package gives a nod to the Ford EcoBoost engine.

“Our top seller by far is a 3.5L EcoBoost or a 2.7L EcoBoost,” he said, stating the dealership uses the 5.0L V8 Coyote as it is “a much better fit for the retro package.”

Many Beechmont Ford customers have reacted positively to the offering. According to Watson, people come off from the highway just to see what the package is all about. And it is not just locals making purchases.

“We sold them locally all the way to Washington … [and] Denver, Colorado,” he said. “We’re getting interest [from] all over … it’s been all over the place. It’s been really fun.”

The timing of the release could not have been more perfect since it just so happened on the cusp of a busy summer season.

“The summer selling season is when all the fun stuff sells,” Watson explained. “Your sales in general slow down in the wintertime, especially toys like a supercharged Mustang or an F-150 … timing was really good.”

With a price tag of nearly $40,000, the supercharged F-150 with a 725 horsepower is “by far, our most popular because it [has] unbelievable levels of power for a very, very low price,” Watson said.

He said the dealership prides itself on a “you imagine, we build” concept in which they listen attentively to the customer. The package costs $9,995 in addition to the price of the truck.