listens to data and insights, improves VDPs and website continues to build progress and enhancements on its Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs) and website platform offerings.

"We understand what motivates customers and how they connect with dealers," said Wayne Pastore, general manager of "The way to bolster dealer-customer relationships is to establish strong points of interaction between dealers and consumers through an unrivaled combination of data, integration and human-centric insights."

The new VDPs now has key vehicle information for shoppers which includes inventory specifications, options and packages and vehicle reviews; 360-degree vehicle images on inventory pages for buyers; improved ability for shoppers to click through to digital retailing options which include payment calculation, trade-in details and financial applications; and text to phone functionality so consumers can send listings directly from desktop to their mobile devices.

Additionally,’s platform automates personalized vehicle inventory recommendations and specials based on buyer preference data from partners Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader.

The improvements were based on the 1.8 billion online interactions conducted between dealers and clients in which found out that consumers were most engaged by images and prioritized high-level inventory details as well as increased digital retailing options.