SocialDealer launches podcast on using social media to sell cars

“But, Does it Sell Cars?” an educational podcast on social media for the automotive industry will be airing this August.

Hosted by John McAdams, vice president of SOCIALDEALER, the podcast aims to widen dealerships' knowledge on how social media advertising can significantly impact sales, as well as educate automotive industry professionals. The first three episodes are projected to be released this month.

"As dealers, when it relates to social advertising, you have to inspect what you expect. The purpose behind our podcast, 'But Does it Sell Cars?' is to educate the industry on getting incredible results with social and how to set the right benchmarks for your store," McAdams said.

Coleman Craddock-Willis, a partner manager on the Facebook Automotive team, will also be featured in the podcast. 

"It's about advanced solutions to sell cars! What you can do on Facebook is not the same as other marketing channels in terms of how you can present yourself as a dealership, and that's a conversation that needs to happen," Craddock-Willis said.

"The 5 Social Myths in Automotive," "The Audience Shift" and "Show Me the Money!" are the first three episodes of “But, Does it Sell Cars?”