Americans care more about their vehicles than themselves

In July 2019 commissioned a quantitative online survey in an attempt to study the vehicle owner’s attitudes specifically when it comes to cleanliness which revealed that 73% love their cars a lot and 57% confess they put more time and effort in taking their vehicles to the car wash instead of setting a time for their haircut.

The survey also showed that 63% of the respondents say they service their vehicle more often compared to having a dental appointment and 57% admit they service their vehicle more than they see a doctor.

Additionally,’s study also reveals that 68% of Americans don’t like the idea of their vehicle to be used for ride-sharing and 37% wouldn't even loan their car to a family member or a friend.

"Our survey supports what we already know: for many people, our cars are an extension of ourselves, and sometimes that means they get the majority of our attention and affection," said Matt Schmitz, assistant managing editor of

The study was gathered from a total of 2,385 responses and was collected between July 23-Aug. 3.